Vending Machines Kingsport
Palace Vending takes great pride in offering only the most advanced vending technology available in our industry.
Our clients constantly tell us how impressed they are with Streamware to monitor machine sales. We are able to make better decisions on what is selling specifically with every customer. All our techs have handheld bar code scanners to maintain accountability for inventory reports and monthly commission reports.

We always strive to be fair and honest. Everything is documented with standard software. New customers normally receive a lift on commissions in relation to their previous vending provider.

Gone are the days of a rusty vending machine taking your money but refusing to drop your snack. Our modern machines use Sure Vend that automatically refunds money if a chosen product is not available.

You never need exact change. Our machines take 1's and 5's and give change. All this works efficiently with new Bill Recyclers. This cash recycling enables vending machines to dispense change with the same $1 or $5 bills that it takes in for purchases. This lets your machine accept high denomination bills without depleting its change cassettes. You get long-term, problem free operation.

Palace Vending offers energy efficient machines with Credit and Debit Card Acceptors. So the next time you want a snack, beverage, or fresh food, use your credit card!

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We are located in Kingsport, however, we service a wide area including but not limited to the surrounding areas of Johnson City, Bristol, Morristown, Greeneville, Elizabethton, Southwest Virginia, and the Greater Asheville, North Carolina Area.